First-Class Daycare and Overnight Lodging

At The Paw Spa Pet Resort, we love your pet as much as you do.

We are the best pet boarding facility in Omaha. We offer overnight, daycare, grooming, and even on site vet services. Our animal-loving and top-notch staff will take the best car of your pet with 24 hour monitoring and daytime petcams so you can see your dog in action.

Our pet boarding facility has a state of the art air handling and fresh air exchange operating system. This insures the highest quality of air and virtually eliminating airborne pathogens.
All day care packages include unlimited, fully supervised play area use and pool privileges.
We ensure to exquisitely attend to all your pet needs. Whatever the  grooming needs for your pet, we have it covered.

We also offer the convenience of on-site affordable vaccinations.

The Dobesh Vet Clinic will be available on the first tuesday of every month from 10-noon.

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Check out our 5 state-of-the-art Petcams!

Ever wonder what your pet does when you’re away? When you’re on the go and your furry friend is snuggled up at his home away from home, playing with his pals, or swimming the say away, you can take comfort in knowing they are full cared for and loving life.
  • Full-color high quality video to see your pet with great detail
  • You can see them here, live, at play time.
Check out the Petcams!

We are a Full-Featured Pet Resort

  • 100 TV Channels
  • Indoor play area and Pool
  • Kitty City and The Catio
  • 24hr monitoring
  • 5 Petcams
  • On-call Veterinarians
  • Climate control
  • Play time
  • Unique retail items
  • Knowledgable staff
  • In-house grooming

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