Welcome To The Paw Spa Pet Resort

You’ll have complete peace of mind knowing that your pet is receiving the very best care and attention available, because at The Paw Spa, we will love your pet as much as you do!

A Little Bit About The Paw Spa Pet Resort

They are specially designed with our own creative shades complimenting our pink and teal signature colors, TV’s and wonderful kuranda beds. Most of our suites are over 50 square feet (6 feet in height and 8 to 9 feet deep) and large enough for dogs of the same family. Additionally, suites can be combined (similar to hotel rooms for multiple guests of the same family). A unique feeding system to allow minimum interruption of the pet’s rest.

The backbone of our concept is to provide the privacy needed when it’s rest time and the comfort of our unique beds and background noise of their own TV (just like home). But above all, ultra clean.

This many channels for your pets such as Animal planet, Discovery channel, Planet green, AMC and more.
You never have to worry about the weather to decide whether your pet will get their exercise today. With over 1,000 square feet and separate play areas of similar size playmates, safety and fun is everywhere.
Our dog boned shaped swimming pool available to our swimmers. Nothing like it in Omaha. Large and safe (less than 2 feet deep) with palm trees and play toys.
Wonderfully designed condos with separate compartments for food and relief.
A special area for our cat guests to hang out and relax, or bask in the sunlight.
This and video cameras help alert us to any disturbance or needed care.
Watch your dog having fun at their playtimes through your computer or smart phone. Rest assured they are having as much fun as you are while you’re away.
They are available should one of our “guests” require immediate treatment 24
hours a day.
Climate control and air quality an absolute must to prevent airborne pathogens or communicable diseases. We have put in place an extensive system for recycling the air along with keeping the temperature just right year round.
This is a term we use which allows us to get our pets to the relief area
quickly and in an organized fashion at regular intervals throughout the day using specially designed routing we have put in place. Having a systemized approach to necessary relief times assures less pet anxiety and more play time.
We have 2 play areas, year round, rain or shine. Same size and temperament playmates in either our swimming or non-swimming areas.
Great gift ideas and items you just don’t see everyday will be in our retail area that have been brought back from the
Our on-site staff have been schooled in pet care, breeds and attention giving. Our “gang” will provide great care as being a pet lover is a prerequisite to working with us.
(look for our barber pole) for your convenience. Having dropped off
your pet, it’s a great time to get groomed and be ready for pick up. Haircuts, nail trimming, ear cleaning, colognes and everything else for a healthy coat.
They are available upon request, what better time to have this service now that they are at the resort and before they come home.
Cleanliness will be second to none. We have designed a special cleaning techniques for the individual suites that is practiced on a daily basis and before the next pet occupies the suite.
We have 2 Springer spaniels, a chorkie and a cat ourselves. We get it.